Critical awareness / critical cconsciousness

メモ:心理的エンパワメントの基盤となるcritical awarenessは主にコミュニティ心理学の文献に詳しいが,プログラム評価の文献,なかでも実用重視の評価(utilization-focused evaluation)に関連する文脈においてcritical consciousnessとして説明されている:

“Critical consciousness, or conscintizacao(Pourtuguese),refers to attaining a deep, meaningful, realistic, and reality-based understanding of one’s world. This includes becoming aware of how one has been indoctrinated and conditioned to think in particular ways by those with power and wealth who control traditional educational outlets including schools, governmental agencies, media outlets, and the business world” (Patton, 2017, Pedagogy of evaluation, new directions for evaluation, p. 53-54)。

9-dotプロブレムにおける”Think outside the box”(ずっとthink out of the boxと認識していた)に通底するところがある。