Blaming the Victim

以前にも取りあげた「Victim Blaming(犠牲者非難)」のロジックは社会プログラムの開発に関しても当てはまる:

“…..logical outcome of analyzing social problems in terms of the deficiencies of the victim is the development of programs aimed at correcting those deficiencies. The formula for action becomes extraordinarily simple: Change the victim” (p. 8)

“All of this happens so smoothly that it seems downright rational. First, identify a social problem. Second, study those affected by the problem and discover in what ways they are different from the rest of us as a consequence of deprivation and injustice. Third, define the differences as the cause of the social problem itself. Finally, of course, assign a government bureaucrat to invent a humanitarian action program to correct the differences” (p. 8)

Ryan, W. (1976). Blaming the Victim. Random House, Inc. (Vintage Books Edition) [特にchapter 1, chapter 2]


ディスカッション①: この犠牲者非難のロジックが当てはまる政策やプログラムの具体例は何か。逆に,このロジックが当てはまらない政策やプログラムは何か。


ディスカッション②: 犠牲者非難を社会心理学における根本的な帰属の誤り(fundamental attribution error)から検討(例:Ross, 1977)。