against method

大学院のときに履修したPhilosophy of Scienceのクラスでの課題図書の1つ。正直なところ,当時は論理実証主義に基づく研究のみがあるべき姿と考えていた部分もあり,この本が意図するところを本当には理解していなかった気がするので,今一度紐解いてみたいと考えている:

Feyerabend, P. (1993). Against Method(3rd ed.). Verso, NY.


“Creation of a thing, and creation plus full understanding of a correct idea of the thing, are very often parts of one and the same indivisible process and cannot be separated without bringing the process to a stop. The process itself is not guided by a well-defined programme, and cannot be guided by such a programme, for it contains the conditions for the realization of all possible programmes. It is guided rather by a vague urge, by a ‘passion’ (Kierkegaard)” (Feyeraend, 1993, p. 17).